Hi, I’m Deepa Tilwani; thanks for visiting my website!

I am a Phd Student co-advised by Dr Amit Sheth and Dr Christian O'Reilly at AI Institute, University of South Carolina (AIISC).

I was fortunate to be selected as the first Jayana Clerk fellow to join the AIISC as a Visiting Research Intern (Sept 2021- June 2022) and work in conjunction with Drs. Amit Sheth, Jessica Bradshaw, Rutvik Desai, and Christian O'Reilly to learn about challenges in research about Autism and Aphasia, especially from the observational data gathered from people of South Carolina. These projects are also crucial for understanding the broader class of neurodevelopmental disorders, allowing health professionals to diagnose these diseases earlier and providing patients with a better treatment strategy which can be aided by using AI techniques.

I'm broadly interested in probabilistic modeling, analysis and inference of EEG signals over several brain scales to explore deeper into the neurobiological intricacies of the brain, developing AI models, and human-AI teaming methods as a research career in my doctoral study.

If you would like to contact me for research collaboration, mentorship or general guidance, reach out to me here or through my LinkedIn profile.

Other then work, I enjoy cooking and exploring new places!